Majestic Manifesting- 30 Day Femme Manifesting Game
Play LIVE!!

You'll amplify your manifesting by playing the game LIVE with a group of women!
You'll know exactly how to release struggle, shame and scarcity from your life for good.
You’ll be able to align your desires and your efforts in ways that REALLY PAY OFF FOR YOU.
For a limited time only get the Live 30 Day Game for $33.33 
Dear Queen:
When was the last time you ended a sales call and thought, “That was an AMAZING experience - I got exactly what I wanted and it felt so natural and easy?"
If you’re like most women who care about manifesting, you have read a lot of books and tried a lot of things but would love some concentrated focus on bringing your desires into fruition. You may have made a vision board, affirmed your goals, and done your best to stay really positive. 

You may have put the Law of Attraction into action by making moves that aligned with your desires.

Maybe you are a master at manifesting and you just want to sharpen your skills. If you are a woman and you have not reached the level of mastery with manifesting you would like it is very possible you are about to see your manifesting focus and power grow BIG TIME!
Women are the original manifesters- time to learn, own, and amplify your natural abilities!
I started this 30 day game the first time because, I do a lot better when I am focused on manifesting. I thought wouldn't it be fun if there was a 30 day game that kept me focused on manifesting?

Then I realized many of my girlfriends and clients wanted to learn how to tap into their own manifesting powers too. They got INCREDIBLE results- FAST!

Women are natural receivers, we naturally create but most women I have worked with haven't really learned to tap into their feminine energy to attract their desires consistently.

...I believe in this so much that I have written a book about it. I wasn't going to run this game again until the book was ready but, now more than ever we need women who are consciously manifesting reality.
I don’t blame you. That’s why I’m here to help you
make selling feel magical!
My main concern was that I would get my hopes up in manifesting new and I was going to fail. 
I felt stuck manifesting, I knew I was a powerhouse in the past, but until doing this program I had slipped and no much was happening no matter what I tried.
I got results in every area of my life, finances, business, home, love life, including a renewed appreciation for single mamas, like myself, running a business around our baby’s.
Adora has such a depth of knowledge, you must experience being inside her vortex for yourself, you cannot begin to imagine it from the outside. You must commit to the program, then you find out how incredible she is.”
- Hayley H
“I have followed Adora for a while now and worked with her previously within another program and I just couldn't pass up this opportunity.
She is warm, welcoming and the real deal when it comes to this sort of thing.
Adora holds space incredibly well. The women in the group where all so incredibly supportive, loving, understanding & kind.
We manifested our actual dream home... within our budget, solar panels, swimming pool, rain and bore water tanks, a horse paddock, a granny flat, 2 acres, in the country but only 10 minutes from town.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain girlfriend. Change the pattern of hesitation and distrust right now by just jumping in and giving it a go!”

Hello, Lovely! 

My name is Adora Crystal, and my life’s work is helping women like you live a lush life full of love, fun, and adventure! 

I know what it’s like to stand where you’re standing. I’ve moved up from a shack with no electricity to a penthouse in Miami and beyond. 

Along the way, I've helped women manifest money, dream homes, new cars, gifts for their children, luxury goods, powerful connections and so much more... all from a place of joy, satisfaction and inspiration.

My Majestic Money system will give you everything you need to live a rich life of intentional prosperity.
Own your potent femme manifesting magic, connect with other women, call forward a better world!
For a limited time only get the Live 30 Day Game for $33.33 
Here’s what you’ll find inside
Majestic Manifesting- 30 Day Femme Manifesting Game
Your Majestic Manifesting 30 Day Core Game Program
Here you will find a sacred sisterhood and you will discover deep level of self love, the ability to allow yourself to receive, and the clarity to create in a light hearted, loving space. 
30 Days of focused, intentional, femme creation exercises. Live classes, meditations, and girlfriend gatherings.
Daily Live Calls:
Daily Live Calls you can join or watch the replay
Value: $997.00
Private Facebook Community:
Amplify-Share your victories, get inspired, and rise with other women.
Value: $997.00
The 4 Big Practices- Activation Classes
The Divinely Guided, Deeply Intuitive, Mutually Nourishing Big Practices that will UP-level your energy, manifesting mojo, and femme power.
Value: $997.00
Before this program, I had no guidance and no spiritual support system whatsoever. I felt very much so like a black sheep, especially in my family. I was holding onto a lot of self-criticism and self-doubt. I would bend over backwards for people and situations that didn’t serve my highest and greatest self.
I have manifested over $7,500 worth of gifts and cash over the course of just a couple months. I FINALLY decided to do what I have been dreaming of doing ever since I can remember which is travel, and soon will be taking my first trip out of the United States to Costa Rica! I’ve gained clarity on myself and the direction I would like my life to move in. I have allowed my tears to nourish the earth; deep healing has taken place. I have hope for the world. Various different incredible people (and animals) have come into my life. My heart is more open than ever before.
I have recommended this program to all my closest friends, and I don’t need to say much, they just recognize my light and want to know what it’s all about!”
For a limited time only get the Live 30 Day Game for $33.33 

My favorite part was beginning with the weaving of the womb cross. I had something to hold on to immediately from this program, and it was such a powerful lesson and take-away. It was ancient knowledge mixed with Adora Crystal-style wisdom and fun. You must commit to the program so you can experience how incredible working with her is.  
If this looks like fun and it sounds like you would enjoy it, that’s a message that your heart is saying yes. You need to sign up, hit the enroll button or send Adora Crystal a message. Do whatever it takes to get in the door. 

Plus . . . when you say Yes to Majestic Manifesting today, I’m also giving you these Bonuses!
Bonus 1: Majestic Manifesting Meditation
Value: $37.00 Yours FREE!
You’ve probably bought courses and programs where you you skip over the bonuses because they’re usually low-quality “afterthoughts.” 

But I highly recommend you do NOT skip this bonus - it could be one of the most important keys to your success! 

These bonuses are loaded with yummy transmissions to help you align.

Bonus 2: Queen Manifesto Masterclass and Template
Value: $197.00 Yours FREE!
In this bonus,I share one of my top tools for manifesting and the exact template that I use daily to program my mind and energy for what I am creating next.
For a limited time only get the Live 30 Day Game for $33.33 
Live Support and Practice Sessions
“This program is incredible, so much is covered and Adora puts her all into it. I absolutely love her energy, it is uplifting, inspiring and nurturing. The program really helps you to focus intentionally on what you want to bring into your life, as well as tracking it all, to acknowledge and have gratitude for what is already coming in-which in turn brings even more!
For me, increased gratitude, means that I am happier and able to respond to situations in more beneficial ways, rather than just reacting. This is something I have been working on for years, but I haven't come across anyone else who has presented in this way, where they are along with you for the ride. 
The way Adora works is unlike any other person I have known. With her connected and loving prayers I have had immediate responses, healings and releases. It is much deeper than any other money manifesting programs I have found so far.
The energy Adora brings to each part of the program is life changing and deeply healing.
Move beyond any fears you have arising, and go with your intuition, despite the discomfort we often feel when something is unfamiliar for us/when investing in ourselves. Feel the fear and do it anyway- because it is more than worth it!”
For a limited time only get the Live 30 Day Game for $33.33 
Who is this for?
Women who want to focus their manifesting skills and who want to learn to harness their femme energy to manifest with more ease and focus.
Who is it Not for?
This is not a get rich quick kind of thing. 
Will I Really manifest with more ease? 
This program will absolutely be a fun time of owning your own manifesting power and desires, learning to allow yourself to receive, and once you learn these things you can use them again and again.
For a limited time only get the Live 30 Day Game for $33.33